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Travel money | Currency exchange rates | Fabulous travel guide

Debit card or prepaid card? Tips for travellers

[ 1 ] October 10, 2011

Looking for the best card to use abroad? Avoid bank charges, ATM fees and bad exchange rates by getting your hands on a prepaid card.

Read on for our top tips and advice on finding the right deal for you and start saving money for your big trip!

Travel money | Currency exchange rates | Fabulous travel guide

Save money abroad with our top tips and advice

* Choose a card with no ATM fees

Travelling to a remote corner of the world? Many places won’t accept card payments so it’s important to choose a card with no ATM fees as you’ll be withdrawing on a regular basis.

* Find out the exchange rate

Banks often charge a fee to convert money into local currency. If you’re using a Barclays debit card abroad you may be charged a 2.99% foreign exchange charge. Not good if you’re on a budget.

* Check you can use your card online/ in store

Going on a shopping spree? Need to pay for a last-minute flight? Check there are no foreign purchase fees when using your prepaid card online or in store.

* Keep up-to-date with the latest deals is a fantastic website to use if you’re not sure where to start. Not only does it keep an updated list of the best cards to use, it has exclusive deals and offers that are perfect for travellers.

* Ask the right questions

Does it cost money to ‘load’ the card? What happens if you lose it? Are there charges if you stop using the card? All these are important things to consider so give the provider a call to clear things up.

Find out how to get the best deal on your trip and bag yourself a good exchange rate before you leave. Got a question? Get in touch via Twitter or Facebook!

Travel money | Currency exchange rates | Fabulous travel guide

How to get the best exchange rates

[ 10 ] September 1, 2010

Want to find the cheapest exchange rates? Forget the Post Office, money saving expert Martin Lewis has come up with a better solution. is a website that finds the best deals online. Simply type in the amount you want to spend, pick your currency, and voila! It compares all the latest offers on travel money and foreign currency in seconds.

If you’re able to collect in London you’ll get a better deal. If not, simply order online and get them delivered to your door.

Travel money | Currency exchange rates | Fabulous travel guide

Travel money | Currency exchange rates | Fabulous travel guide

You could save up to £30 if you shop around. For instance, £400 will get you €480 from ICE in Waterloo (if you collect it in person) compared with €471 from the Post Office and €450 from HSBC.

Pretty good, eh? And don’t forget to check out the latest insurance deals, too. This website is a godsend. Happy saving!

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