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Climbing Machu Picchu - What to pack for the Inca Trail

What to pack for the Inca Trail

[ 0 ] November 3, 2011

Planning to hike the Inca Trail in Peru? Make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities by consulting our checklist.

From First Aid kits to flashlights, our essential guide will ensure you’re well equipped for Machu Picchu!

Climbing Machu Picchu - What to pack for the Inca Trail - Fabulous Travel Guide

Climbing Machu Picchu - What to pack for the Inca Trail


Girls – if you need the toilet during the night you’ll want your hands free. Go for a head torch so you can keep your dignity. A wind-up torch is also useful as there won’t be many power points along the way.

*Wet wipes and hand sanitiser

There’s nowhere to have a shower after a tough day’s climb so be sure to pack wet wipes. Hand sanitiser is great, too – and a necessity if you wear contact lenses – as no water is required.

* First Aid kit

It’s always worth having a First Aid kit with you as you never know when you’ll need Asprin, Imodium or re-hydration powder. It’s also worth noting that tour guides aren’t allowed to administeri any type of drug including headache pills, antibiotics and altitude sickness pills. Make sure you pack blister plasters and bandages. We can’t stress this enough!

* Waterproof cover for backpacks and a poncho!

Make sure your backpack stays nice and dry in a waterproof case. There are usually rain showers along the way so a poncho is a good idea, too. However you can buy these from locals on the way.

* Sleeping bag and liner

You can hire sleeping bags for around $10USD. If you bing your own, make sure it’s waterproof with a thermal lining.

* Purification tablets

Clean water is limited so take purification tablets or a filter so you can drink fresh water on the trek. The last thing you need is a dodgy stomach.

* Watch or alarm clock

Tour guides usually wake you in the morning for breakfast but on the last day, when you race up up to Machu Picchu at the crack of dawn, you’ll set your own alarm.

*Camera and spare memory card

Every day of the Inca Trail is awesome so you’ll be snapping away left, right and centre. Make sure you take a spare memory card – and battery – if you have it so you don’t have to be stingy!

* Plastic bags

Keep your clothes wrapped up in plastic bags – it will keep them nice and dry.

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Keep warm in Machu Picchu - What to wear for the Inca Trail - Fabulous Travel Guide

What to wear for the Inca Trail

[ 5 ] December 30, 2010

Planning to hike the Inca Trail in Peru? Shorts and flip flops probably won’t cut it. With 25 miles to cover in 4 days, you’ll need good walking shoes, a wooly hat and plenty of stamina.

Not only is it cold at night (temperatures can plumet to below zero),  it may rain heavily even in the dry season.  So get prepared with our checklist:

Keep warm in Machu Picchu - What to wear for the Inca Trail - Fabulous Travel Guide

Keep warm in Machu Picchu - What to wear for the Inca Trail - Fabulous Travel Guide

* Walking shoes

Good walking shoes are essential for the Inca Trail. Go for light-weight, waterproof trainers that have ankle support. You might want to go up a size to make sure they feel comfortable with thick socks.

TOP TIP Walking boots can be expensive – especially if you only plan to use them a couple of times. Try eBay for second-hand trainers – I snapped up a pair of Rockport walking boots for just £14!

*4 x thick socks

Blisters can be agony on a trek so make sure you wear thick walking socks. Take plenty of plasters, too.

* Rain poncho

Whatever the season, there’s bound to be the odd rain shower so don’t get caught out. Have a poncho rolled up in the bottom of your bag to pull out in a hurry. Primark sells them super-cheap or you can buy them locally.

* Zip-off hiking trousers

Zip-off trousers are ideal for the Inca Trail – they’ll keep you nice and warm on frosty mornings, but they can be unzipped if you get warm later on.

* Fleece top

As well as several t-shirts, be sure to bring a fleece  or warm jumper. It’s best to layer up, rather than have one heavy winter coat.

* Thermal underwear

Make sure you bring warm underwear! It may not sound very appealing but it gets super cold at night. Girls, bring leggings.

* Wooly hat and gloves

It can be windy at high altitude and cold in the mornings, so a hat and gloves are a good idea to keep warm.


Make sure your sunglasses have total UV protection and it’s worth buying a sunhat as this can prevent sun stroke.

* Extra clothes

Bring a spare pair of trousers and shorts. Extra socks are also a must as you’re bound to want fresh ones by day 3…

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