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Travelling solo? 5 things to do before you leave | Fabulous travel guide

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[ 0 ] August 4, 2011

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Where to stay in Bosa - Locanda il Melograno - Fabulous travel guide

Bosa – relax in a hilltop bungalow

[ 2 ] September 13, 2010

Planning a holiday to Sardinia? Forget the Emerald Coast, Bosa is a beautiful little town that boasts miles of rolling countryside, beautiful riverside cafés and delicious seafood.

And if you’re looking for somewhere truly special to stay, try the Locanda il Melograno. Privately owned, these little bungalows are almost too good to be true – and are surprisingly good value.

Where to stay in Bosa - Locanda il Melograno - Fabulous travel guide

Where to stay in Bosa - Locanda il Melograno - Fabulous travel guide

Perched high up in the valley, and surrounded by olive trees and terracotta mountains, this place is like nowhere on earth. Apart from the gentle hum of crickets, and the distance sound of a tractor, there is nothing but silence stretching for miles.

Where to stay in Bosa | Locanda il Melograno | Fabulous travel guide

Where to stay in Bosa | Locanda il Melograno | Fabulous travel guide

Just three bungalows make up the accommodation, and they are strategically placed to provide stunning views of the River Temo. Bedrooms are bright and breezy, with several windows overlooking the valley.

Each comes with a double or twin bed, a sofa, a private bathroom with shower facilities and a gorgeous little patio with table and chairs.

Where to stay in Bosa - Locanda il Melograno - Fabulous travel guide

Where to stay in Bosa - Locanda il Melograno - Fabulous travel guide

How to get there

Be warned, it’s a fairy steep climb, so if you have bags and suitcases be sure to jump in a taxi. It will only take 5 minutes, but you’ll be glad you did!

Walking to the centre of Bosa takes 10-15 minutes from the bungalows, and they are currently in the process of building a more direct route, which would cut this time in half.

Hiring a bicycle is also a good idea and will enable you to visit Bosa Marina and explore the colourful medieval town.


Rooms cost as little as €30 per night in low season (€40 in high season), including  breakfast, which is served on a peaceful terrace overlooking the valley. Don’t forget to try out the restaurant at night. It attracts visitors from all over Bosa and  it certainly lives up to its reputation. The seafood is to die for!

Planning on booking a cheap flight to Bosa? Click here for more travel advice about Bosa and don’t forget to check out more photos!

Travelling solo? 5 things to do before you leave | Fabulous travel guide

Sardinia – avoid the tourists and head to Bosa

[ 1 ] February 25, 2008

Sardinia is a hot favourite with holidaymakers this year, thanks to its beautiful emerald coast, sizzling temperatures and delicious Italian food.

But paradise comes at a price: accommodation has sky-rocketed over the last 12 months, largely down to the sudden increase in celebrity visitors. Last year, Geri Halliwell and footy hunk Cristiano Ronaldo arrived on the island to get a piece of the action.

Fortunately, you don’t need to have a star’s bank balance to experience a slice of this idyllic little place. I’ve found a little gem – and this is the perfect time of year to go.

Bosa, Sardinia | Cobbled streets | Fabulous travel guide

Bosa, Sardinia | Cobbled streets | Fabulous travel guide

Bosa is a sleepy little town, just 30 minutes’ drive from Alghero. It’s a quiet, unassuming place, sat astride the beautiful River Temo.

Pastel-coloured townhouses spring up on either side of narrow cobbled streets, flowers spill out of windows and washing lines blow in the breeze.

It’s a relaxed way of life – and all too easy to fall into. Before you know it you’re sipping coffee with the locals, ordering olives with every meal and nipping indoors for afternoon siestas.

What to do

If all this sounds a little sleepy, there’s much more going on down at Bosa Marina. The River Temo runs directly through Bosa, and it takes about 20 minutes to follow it to the sea.

This little cove is geared up for tourists and is a far cry from the old town. However, if you’re after an adventure, and don’t mind the throngs of tourists, this is the place to be.

River Temo | Bosa Marina | Sardinia | Fabulous travel guide

River Temo | Bosa Marina | Sardinia | Fabulous travel guide

There are lots of opportunities for snorkelling, sunbathing and boat trips here – just keep your eyes peeled for tour operators and remember to haggle! For scuba diving check out Bosa Diving Centre. They also have kayaks for hire.

If water’s not your thing, check out the medieval fortress Castello Malaspina. Located at the highest point, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and is well worth the uphill trek.

And if you’re just happy to wander round the shops, hire a bicycle for the day. You’ll see much more of the town and it will only set you back around €8.

How to get there

From Alghero Airport, getting to Bosa couldn’t be easier. Locals buses leave frequently and only cost a couple of euros (much cheaper than a taxi).

The journey takes you 45km south of Alghero, along the west coast of Sardnia, providing fantastic views of the rocky coast and glittering ocean. The bus will drop you in the centre of Bosa, Piazza Zanetti.

TOP TIP: Locals speak very little English (part of its charm) so be sure to learn the basics and be as polite as possible.

Looking for somewhere to stay? These hilltop bungalows are perfect! Check out more photos of Bosa here.

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