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How to get the best exchange rates

[ 10 ] September 1, 2010 | Alison Adey

Want to find the cheapest exchange rates? Forget the Post Office, money saving expert Martin Lewis has come up with a better solution. is a website that finds the best deals online. Simply type in the amount you want to spend, pick your currency, and voila! It compares all the latest offers on travel money and foreign currency in seconds.

If you’re able to collect in London you’ll get a better deal. If not, simply order online and get them delivered to your door.

Travel money | Currency exchange rates | Fabulous travel guide

Travel money | Currency exchange rates | Fabulous travel guide

You could save up to £30 if you shop around. For instance, £400 will get you €480 from ICE in Waterloo (if you collect it in person) compared with €471 from the Post Office and €450 from HSBC.

Pretty good, eh? And don’t forget to check out the latest insurance deals, too. This website is a godsend. Happy saving!

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